Precautions for using smith machine

Precautions for using smith machine:  Those people who have been or usually go to the gym on a regular basis will surely know about the Smith machine, which is also known as “the Multipower”. It is one of the devices that we can frequently find in any gym on the planet.

The Multipower is one of the most popularand used by both beginners and professionals. Since it allows you to perform an infinity of exercises just by varying the movements we perform with it, as well as the angle.

Visually, the Smith machine is a device made up of two vertical columns that include hydraulic rails that serve as support for a horizontal steel bar that moves along them. It has the advantage that we can stop the bar at any time thanks to the different projections that it has and that function as hooks so that the bar does not fall to the ground when released.

It is a very versatile machine that allows us to make different movements. Among them, we can perform elevations, push-ups, presses, deadlifts and, as we have said, standing squats. But, in addition, the Multipower allows the introduction of benches and other elements that allow us to use it to do all kinds of exercises. 

Although, on the one hand, it is a powerful and versatile machine with which you can do many different exercises to get in shape, on the other hand, it must also be said that the Multipower has been highly criticized by many people, and even by fitness professionals. health, since its abuse can be harmful and even fatal. 

But don’t be scared, because, like everything in life, you have to use it correctly and not do brutalities that can take their toll . Therefore, in this article we are going to show you how to use the Smith machine safely and we are going to give you the necessary advice and precautions so that you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest without compromising your health. 


The first thing to keep in mind to use the Precautions for using smith machine is that you must be aware of what exercise you want to perform. Thus, depending on the muscle groups you want to work, you can perform different exercises in different positions. 

For example, you don’t work the same muscle groups when you lift weights as when you do squats. So, you must adapt the Multipower to the type of activity you are going to carry out. And the most recommended thing is to learn to do the exercises correctly to avoid pain or injuries in different areas of the body due to muscle overload. 

So, we are going to show you the main exercises that are usually performed in any Smith Machine so that you know how you can perform them correctly and safely. By following our tips and precautions, you will get the most out of this machine and drastically reduce your risk of injury. 

Likewise, you should rest when performing the different series of repetitions of each exercise so that your heart rate does not skyrocket excessively. If you feel that you are starting to get dizzy, it is recommended that you stop exercising and consult a doctor to rule out problems.


It is the easiest exercise that is usually done on the Smith machine and the one that most people start using it for. To squat correctly, all you have to do is position the bar between your upper back and lower neck to load the weight of the bar. Do not put it directly on the neck, because you can injure yourself. 

Once you have the bar correctly positioned on your upper back, you should slightly advance your legs so that your feet are slightly forward to stabilize the position. 

At this point, you can bend your hips back and flex your knees in a slow but steady motion to start working your muscle groups. When you get to the bottom, you should slowly return to the starting position by pushing through your heels. And you already have it. Now you just have to adjust the weight of the machine to your physical resistance and perform several series of 10 or 15 repetitions of the same exercise. 

As a precaution, we will tell you not to be in a hurry to increase the weight, since the resistance is gained little by little, especially if your body is not used to performing squats. Therefore, you should increase the weight gradually, as you see that you can support the weight without problems. 


Push-ups are one of the most complete exercises that must be performed when we want to get in shape and gain muscle in the upper body. And, of course, the Smith machine can be adapted to do different varieties of this exercise, such as incline push-ups. However, it is a job that is usually done by more experienced people. 

The first thing you need to do to do this exercise correctly is adjust the bar to the proper height and secure it to prevent it from shifting from place with activity. Then, you must position yourself in front of her and lean your body at the same time that you hold the bar. 

Our advice is to always grip the bar with your hands slightly more than shoulder width apart. You should also keep your entire body as straight as possible to allow even distribution of weight between the two arms. To get the most out of this exercise, it’s vital to push your core as you bend your elbows and lower your chest. 

Now, you just have to do several sets of repetitions of 10 or 15 push-ups. Adjust the weight of the bar to your current capabilities and work up the load as you feel your arms getting stronger. But remember that you should not push your limits. 


It is a slightly more advanced exercise that allows you to work a specific muscle group, so you only have a single range of motion: from top to bottom . You should not break the starting position or unbalance the position, as you are in danger of injury. 

To perform this exercise, you must take a bench and put it inside the Smith machine, to be able to lie down , and leave your back glued to it. The bar should be above you. The movement to perform is to hold the bar with the palms of the hands facing up, respecting a distance between them that is slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. 

Maintaining this position, you must slowly raise the bar above your head until your arms are fully extended . Then, you just have to lower the bar little by little until it is very close to your chest. It is advisable to perform several series of 10 or 15 repetitions and respect the rest time between them to avoid overloading the muscles and even injuries. 


It is another of the exercises that serve to increase the strength of the muscle groups found in the upper body, especially those of the shoulders. To perform the exercise you must sit on a bench and position yourself with your back straight and grab the bar with your hands, which should be separated at a distance slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. If you do not take this point into account, you will not be exercising the right muscles, and you are in danger of suffering injuries.

The exercise itself is very simple, since you just have to slowly extend your arms upabove your head, until they are perfectly stretched, feeling the work. Then, you just have to lower the bar back to the height of your shoulders. Do several sets of 10 or 15 repetitions until you feel that your shoulders have worked enough.

Precautions for using smith machine